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In any Clubs or Associations, one needs to rejuvenate its membership base. Young Professional Millennials & students will have the opportunity to network & be mentored by the seniors in our Tourism industry


  • To develop friendship & common purpose between the students by participating in areas related to the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry, but also in cultural, sports, travel & public relations activities.
  • To encourage & assist in the tourism education or experience of the members by participating in Skal activities and meeting Skal members.
  • To cooperate voluntarily in all Skal club activities. 
  • To promote training opportunities for fellow YS members to acquire professional experience.
  • To ensure fellow YS members are fully aware of Skal, locally & internationally and to participate in an international network of YS Groups.


Young Skal Student
A student at an authorized tourism educational establishment which grants a degree or recognized diploma upon completion of studies. They must be a minimum of 18 and maximum of 27 years of age.

Young Skal Professional
A young professional training for or working in the industry. They must be a minimum of 20 and maximum of 29 years of age.

Young Skal Associate
A Young Skal professional still in training, after the age of 27 or working in the industry after the age of 29, who does not yet qualify for Active Membership, may continue as Young Skal Associate member until the age of 35

Interested parties may contact the Secretariat at

Young SKAL Members List

Yew Zhi Heng
 Horus Development & Consulting
 Market Coordinator
 Chua Boon Long, Dragon
 Royal Plaza on Scotts
 Guests Services Executive
 Seah Wan Ting, Jocelyn
 Royal Plaza on ScottsRoyal Plaza on Scotts
 Guests Services Executive